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Milica, Councilman of the Vaishu by Khiralas
Milica, Councilman of the Vaishu
A portrait of the character Milica, a leader of the Stellar Ship Vaishu. She is mostly in charge of the medical aspects of the ship, and is one of the core founders of the ship, like most of the other Council. She is a powerful empath, disciplined and elegant, favours logic and reason and has a philosophical mind, almost never moved to anger. 
The Hive by Khiralas
The Hive
Originally done as a background for a picture I was working on, I found the background took away from the subject rather than enhancing and adding to it - plus this just didn't seem to fit with the subject at all (A great example of my drawing getting away from me). Still, I did like it and decided to post it as a separate thing. Those little guys in the back (I call them xenobugs) are really just curious guys that munch on bioluminescent mushrooms that grow in their hives, which makes them glow pretty brightly and transfers to their eggs as well. 

I was watching Let's Plays of Alien: Isolation while I was drawing this. I'm pretty sure that's to blame for this.
Akatha the Wolf-Witch by Khiralas
Akatha the Wolf-Witch
Sooo.... This is why I've been gone awhile. I got massively sucked into Skyrim (it's been at least a month) and have been playing my Nord werewolf, Akatha, who is a powerful conjurer and destruction magus when she's not rampaging the countryside at night as a feral, lupine creature. (Having a mod that makes lycanthropy trigger with the lunar cycles is amazing for immersion.)

This pic was done before I got the Frostfall mod. She now dresses a LOT more warmly. 

And aye, playing with styles in this pic. I wanted something faster than my normal style while still retaining conveyance. Idk what this is - Cartoony? Comic? Just stylized? Idk, but it was fun. 

And as for what's going on in this pic... She's partially transformed and casting Lightning Cloak so she can zap while she pows with dem clawfists. 
Lector Commission by Khiralas
Lector Commission
Commission done for the character Lector. All creative licensing and usage goes to him; I merely drew the picture. Please do not use without explicit permission of its owner as this is a drawing specifically for the intellectual property of its owner. 

Squeller and the Unicorn by Khiralas
Squeller and the Unicorn

Oh, uh, one of the days I couldn't sleep I drew this.

... It's one of my guildmates in GW2 riding a unicorn.

No, I don't have a good reason for this. (Blame Valdamar.)



Khiralas Duravé
Artist | Digital Art
United States
I'm an illustrator/concept artist that does lots of fantasy work, with some sci-fi thrown in now and then. I tend to do mostly character design and concepts, but I paint whatever catches my attention.

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Thanks so much for your support, I really do appreciate that! :)
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I'll try to think of something today and get back to you.
Sushi-Troll Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Alrighty. Feel better soon! :hug:
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